Take A Trip With Purpose

Building on a 7 year partnership, we are leading a team to show Jesus to Latin America through the local church. Though predominantly Catholic, most people in Latin America do not go to church anywhere. More importantly, most of the population have a tainted representation of Christianity and what it means to have a personal relationship with Christ. We want to repaint the face of Christianity by showing the true love of Jesus Christ.


Our Purpose

The local church is the hope of the world. That is why we are partnering with Vida Abundante to support the work they are already doing in their community. We plan to leverage our relationships in the community to be most effective in our outreach in bringing the message of the gospel.


BASE COST: $1,200
DEPOSIT: Non-refundable, $150
RELEASE: Release Forms .pdf

Cost includes airfare, taxes, lodging, three meals a day (except travel days), short-term trip insurance, and transportation. Your remaining balance is due prior to departure.

Please note: If you raise more money than necessary for your trip (Example: $1201 or more), you will be given the opportunity to give a portion or all of the excess to another participant(s). You can only be given a reimbursement if the amount of money you personally paid is greater than the total donated receipts on your account to comply with IRS tax deductible gift requirements.

Registration Now Open!



If you would like to sponsor or donate funds for this trip, simply click the button to help be a part of the impact. We THANK YOU for your support!

We invite you to partner with us in PRAYER! We need the prayers of HIS church to impact this world.

Gifts are tax-deductible.



Frequently Asked Questions

Will we have planning/training meetings?

We will have mandatory training and informational meetings prior to leaving. These dates will be communicated after you are confirmed to join the team.


Emergency Phone number to be provided

What is the travel schedule?

We will travel Delta leaving out of Atlanta. Specific flight information to be posted.

Do I need a passport?

You will need to have a valid passport to travel outside of the United States. Please allow enough time for processing to take place. Processing can take as long as 6 weeks non-expedited. This is NOT included in the base cost for the trip.

Do I need any specific shots for the trip?

Outside of routine vaccines, we have not found specific shots to be necessary, however, The Center for Disease Control have recommendations on their website for shots you may need. You should consult your family doctor for your specific needs. Shots are not included in the base cost for the trip.

Do I need to know Spanish?

Believe it or not, no. We will use translators when necessary. You would be shocked to know how easy it is to communicate through showing up and a simple smile.

Is there an age requirement?

The required age is 16 or older if traveling without a parent/gaurdian.

Is the water safe to drink?

Drinking water will be filtered. Though local drinking water should be fine, it is best to stick with the filtered water. We strongly recommend that you bring a portable Nalgene type water bottle to refill and keep with you at all times. Specific needs will be discussed in team meetings.

What about Donation Letters?

A good way to raise prayer support and financial support for your mission trip is to send out donation letters to family and friends. You can download a sample donation letters.

Checks should be made out to Greenbrier Church. Donated receipts are tax-deductible.

*Do not send anymore than 5 support letters to greenbrier church members and attendees

July 6-14, 2015